60 Standard

Oliver built tractors for Cockshutt beginning in the early 1930ís and continued until 1948.   Most of the models were the same tractor with the exception of paint color and decals.   The model 60 tractors had Cockshutt cast into the rear axle housing and the Cockshutt name in the center grill strip.   The serial number plate indicates the tractor was built for Cockshutt by, Oliver Farm Equipment Co. Charles City, Iowa, USA.   The Cockshutt and Oliver tractors used the same secquence of serial numbers.   Cockshutt had began building their own tractors in 1946, they continued to purchase the model 60 until it went out of production.

This tractor like most standards has fixed front and rear wheel treads, with smaller tires at the rear as compared to a Row Crop giving it a low profile.   The model 60 had a horsepower rating of 18 on the belt and was available in KD (tractor fuel) or HC (gasoline).   This tractor, a 1944 production (Cockshutt models were sold in Canada only) was sold new in Canada.   I normally install new tires on the tractors that I restore, however, since this tractor has the original war issue Canadian built tires, I have not replaced them.