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Welcome to our home page. We invite you to join us and find a place that values friendship. A place where names and titles aren't important, but being known and well loved is. A warm environment to share life's sorrows. A place where joy is found in sharing your time, your love and yourself.

Our family is made up of many different kinds of people and personalities. Exciting and fulfilling promises are being realized in a place that is wide enough to allow children and adults to learn and grow at their own pace. The atmosphere is the result of friends finding happiness in meaningful relationships.

Home is a place of celebration, where our families learn to love each other as we are. That is what God's love is like and what you'll find at the Lincoln Church of Christ. Please consider joining your friends on a regular basis to study God's word together and apply it to everyday life. Come to a place meant for you!

A place for you.

Our Mission

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For more information about classes, counseling, or other activites call 402-466-3113 or send e- mail to

We are located at the northeast corner of 56th and Vine Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Our mailing address is: Lincoln Church of Christ, 820 N. 56th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504

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