Attack Helicopter Awards Page

Awarded for photography of helicopters.

Awarded for great and interesting site.

Thanks Doc. It really means alot to me.

Thank you SFC David Hack Ret. US Wings Inc. CEO.

Police Guide & PC News Online Awards Committee...Thank you James.

Again, Thank you PC News for this award.

Award by Nielsen Web Sites and Business Graphics.....Thank you Eric Nielsen.

Awarded for outstanding quality by AA Project Juno......Thanks Glen.

Awarded for excellence in web design......Thank You.

Thank you for this award Lawrence.

Thank you Andy...Webmaster of Hilopilot's US Coast Guard Homepage.

American Legion Monterey Cypress Post 694 of Marina California ...award for Americanism.

Army community service award....Thank you Randy Lewis.

Thank you very much John "Fats" Spizzirri.

  Good morning Butch,  I visited your wonderful site and although I did not get to see it all, what I did see was 'excellent'. I just re-created this award for you for jobs well done, both while serving your country  and  for sharing your site with all to see. I hope you will accept my award to you, I would be honored. 

 Thank you and may god bless you
and yours.
Best regards,

  Hi Butch, I would be very honored if you would accept my award.
God Bless,

Hello Butch, Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award".

 A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great photos and music,
and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well, and easy to access. A worthy tribute, and a positive contribution to the Web.
Your page:, "What is a Vet."
Very fitting for Memorial Day.....excellent !!
Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site.

                          Cheers,...Bill Darling

Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on the Web. recognizes your website as a valued resource for the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award.

Military World is pleased to announce that your site has been
reviewed and you have won our TOP HONORS Award.


Presented by HART Enterprises to web pages that exhibit:

            1.   Pride in presentation of topics.
            2.   Easy navigation.
            3.   An attitude that exemplifies good "net ethics".

This award was implemented as the result of an accident in 1984, while on active duty as an officer with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down.   After a medevac flight (during which I had to be resuscitated by the on board medic), I spent 6 weeks in "Shock Trauma" (where I had to be resuscitated for a second time).   Then, I spent another 10 months in a veteran's hospital among many other young men struggling to put a sense of worth back into our lives.   I had always admired our national symbol, the bald eagle, for its strength, courage, beauty, and its ability to soar on the slightest of winds.  It was what those of us in the hospital were trying to do - muster up the strength and courage to live our lives with the least amount of help.   Now I am in a position spiritually, physically, and financially to recognize others for their efforts.    Thus, the "FLY WITH EAGLES" award was born.  

Bruce A. Hart
LTC, USA (ret)


Please accept this award of Excellence for a superb job.
Thanks again,


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