The following photos are a piece of history that these Vietnam Veterans have allowed the world to view, no words really need to be spoken...If you have any photos that you would like to share with the world please contact me and I will post them to this page.
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Pete Harlem's personal collection ( ) ...Call Sign "EL LOBO" Delta Company ( Guns ) 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st CAV DIV ...Slicks are for kids
Ken Foster ( )..." The Last Crusader " 235th Aerial Weapons Company "Delta Devils"...Waiting to strike
John Alejandro ( )..Company D 1st Battalion 8th CAV DIV. ( Airmobile )...Company B 1st Battalion 8th CAV. 1st CAV DIV ( Airmobile )..Company B 4th Battalion 31st Inf. 196th BDE..D Trp. 1st Battalion 1st CAV. F Trp. 8th CAV ( Grunt / door gunner ) 1970 - 1971 ( Dragoons )(Kill or be Killed) ...Servicing the M134 mini gun
John Alejandro ( )..Company D 1st Battalion 8th CAV DIV. ( Airmobile )...Company B 1st Battalion 8th CAV. 1st CAV DIV ( Airmobile )...Company B 4th Battalion 31st Inf. 196th BDE...D Trp. 1st Battalion 1st CAV.. F Trp. 8th CAV (Grunt / door gunner) 1970 - 1971 ( Dragoons ) ( Kill or be Killed ) . .......My light and night scope
Fred Thompson ( ).. " Shark 7 ", 174th AHC., Shark Gun Platoon ( 1970 - 1971 ). Shark UH-1C # 170 of the 174th AHC at the re-fuel (POL) Quang Ngai Airport (I-Corp) on a post rain November day of 1970. WO Greg Manuel on the controls, SP4 Bob Jansen with the fuel hose, WO Dennis McCabe entering from the right. Photo was shot through a 150mm Takamar lens on a Pentax SLR, by WO Fred Thompson. This aircraft was shot down in March of 1971, in Laos during Lam Son719. The aircraft was not recovered and is said to have been trucked to Hanoi on a flatbed truck where it was placed in a war museum ...Shark # 170
Fred Thompson ( )....." Shark 7 " 174th AHC, Shark Gun Platoon ( 1970 - 1971 ). This dog-ear'd little note spoke volumes of the Vietnam Experience . . I obtained it about the middle of my tour and carried it with me in a moisture proof wallet which I recently stumbled across.  The wallet was provided to us by the Americal Division in Chu Lai at the orientation for FNG's....
Fred Thompson ( ) This is a very short CW2 Fred Thompson in Chu Lai with
aircraft #242 in May 1971.  I was able to bring the helmet home as it had a bullet exit
hole (to the left of my left thumb) from getting shot up on Feb 24th, 1971 in Laos during Lam Son 719.
Apparently, this aircraft is still in the Army's inventory, earmarked as a missile drone, somewhere in North
Fred Thompson ( ) "Laundry Day" UH-1C Shark #046 "Easy Rider" is north bound, low level over the outskirts of a village near the My Lai's, ( I - Corp) in November of 1970. Photo by Fred Thompson.
Fred Thompson ( ) The 8 - ship "Dolphin" combat assault is elements of the 11th Infantry Brigade going into an area northeast of Kontum in the central highlands November 1970. Photo by Fred Thompson.
John Alejandro ( ) Sends this side view of the "Grim Reaper" in maintenance. John flew with the crew as an observer checking NVA movements on the Ho Chi Minh trail in 1971. Also shown is a front view.
John Alejandro ( ) Shot this one on the flight line in Da Nang 1971.
John Alejandro ( ) John recorded this after a typhoon in August of 1971...note the roof damage in the background.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) Photo of SSG Bob Lazzell and SSG Weber at Dong Ha 1971, 238th Aerial Weapons Company. SSG Weber was in the Allied Shops and SSG Lazzell was in the Flight Platoon.
John Alejandro ( ) Aug 1971, Chu Lai,... site at end of the flightline.
John Alejandro ( ) July 1971, Chu Lai,UH-1 being repaired for gun fire to bottom of the ship.
John Alejandro ( ) Aug 1971, Chu Lai, Looking back to the base from the flightline.
John Alejandro ( ) Aug 1971, Chu Lai, Heading out to the flightline from the barracks.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) This beautiful shot was taken on the way to Khe Sanh.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) 21 March 1971, Khe Sanh, SP4 Kelsey Crew Chief, 238th AWC, Tail # 132, Compliments "NVA" Sappers of the 15th Sapper Battalion.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) Laos Campaign Feb / Mar 1971, UH-1C gunships at Dong Ha airfield.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) Lam Son 719, 12 Feb 1971, Dong Ha , This gunship took a 51 cal. hit in the windshield.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) Tuy Hoa, July 1971, Flight Platoon 238th Aerial Weapons Company, (Left) SFC Barton Flight Platoon NCOIC, (Center) SP5 Lang, (Right) SSG Lazzell.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) Lam Son 719, Feb 1971, This 540 rotor blade took a 51 cal. round.
Robert A. Lazzell ( ) This shot of Captain Norm Miller and SSG Bob Lazzell, "Two Hoosiers" was taken at Dong Ha.
Rich Hefferman ( ) Camp Enari, June 1968, B Troop, 7/17th Air Cav. Pilot on the left is WO Rodney Orten, other person is unknown. This is an OH-6 that I crewed carrying a rocket pod and mini gun.
Rich Hefferman ( ) Camp Enari, June 1968, B Troop, 7/17th Air Cav. This is another shot of the OH-6 armament. The armorer who put this system together was Tony Holmes, We were both members of B Troop. This aircraft was shot down and lost near An Khe in Aug 1968.
Lou Rochat ( ) Picture was taken in late May, early June 1970 when I was with Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry.  We had moved from Tay Ninh to Song Be after the 1 May 70 Invasion of Cambodia.  The photo is at Song Be and I am waiting for my Torque (door gunner) and Observer to finish rearming the Hughes OH6A, Queer John.  I say "the OH6A" because no one pilot could lay personal claim to this bird, hence no Call Sign Numbers (mine was16) inside of the Yellow Triangle signifying Alpha Troop.  My regular bird (with the gunner/crew chief, SP4 Tom Sylvester) was down for maintenance.  A little side note about being 20 years old and a 9th Cav'er - painted helmet and chicken plate to give the enemy something to shoot at!  My regular Loach was called the "Little Green Killing Machine" and had a red and white bullseye painted on the belly.
Lou Rochat ( ) This shot was taken by another pilot while I was at Song Be in early Dec 1970, but after I had been assigned to the newly formed El Lobo Troop, 1/9th Cav at Lai Khe.  I was pulling Liaison Officer duty for 2 weeks at Brigade HQs; hence, the fairly clean flight suit without red clay mud stains, salt sweat rings, wear holes in it, etc.  I was also now 21 years old - could now legally vote and buy a beer - after 240 enemy kills.
Garry Hassel ( ) UH-1B Crashed at Camp Holloway March or April 1965, Crew  walked away with minor injuries. NOTE the rockets scattered in front of the aircraft. Photo was taken by "Shotgun" door gunner SP4 Garry A. Hassel.
Garry Hassel ( ) Vung Tau RVN Jan / Feb 1965. Helicopter Row by "Shotgun" door gunner SP4 Garry A. Hassel.
Garry Hassel ( ) Camp Holloway ( Pleiku RVN ) March/ April 1965, UH-1B gunship    getting ready to re-load. Taken by SP4 Garry A. Hassel "Shotgun" door gunner.
Garry Hassel ( ) NHA TRANG RVN, Jan 1965, Going out on a "search and destroy" mission the RVAN troops get ready for the pick up. By "Shotgun" door gunner SP4 Garry A. Hassel.
Garry Hassel ( ) "SHOTGUN Door Gunner, Gary sent the following pic's {photo 1}, {photo 2}, {photo 3}, {photo 4}, {photo 5}, {photo 6}, {photo 7}, {photo 8}, {photo 9}, {photo 10}, {photo 11}


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