UH-1 Armament

System - M156
Description : Helicopter Multi-armament Mount.
The helicopter multi-armament mount M156 is a combination of items which primarily provides rocket firing capability. The components of the multi-armament mount M156 are the mount assembly, and the helicopter reflex sight M60, decal bracket assembly, and reflex sight mount.
Helicopter multi-armament mount M156
Reflex sight M60 Provides a projected reticle image, enabling pilot to fly a target-collision course.
Intervalometer control panel controls rocket firing circuits.
Arming control panel
System - M3 armament sub-system.
Description : The M3 armament sub-system is a 48 tube 2.75 inch FFAR delivery system. The sub-system consists of the MARK 8 infinity reflex sight, two 24 tube 2.75 inch FFAR launchers, fire control system, and supporting structure. The rockets may be fired in single pairs or in ripples of 2, 3, 4, 6, or 24 pairs at the rate of 6 pairs per second. Each launcher mount has two explosive bolts that are fired by activating the JETTISON switch on the ROCKET ARMAMENT panel.
Component location M3
M3 sub-system
System - M5 armament sub-system.
Description : The armament sub-system M5 is an air cooled , electrically operated, nose mounted weapon. Fire is controlled by the gunner with a flexible control or in the fixed position by the gunner or pilot using the cyclic trigger switch. The grenade launcher is a rapid fire weapon capable of launching 40mm anti-personnel projectiles.
Components ( sheet 1 )
Components ( sheet 2 )
Sighting station
Turret control panel
System - M6 armament sub-system.
Description : The M6 armament sub-system consists of four M60C pylon mounted machine guns, fire control equipment, ammunition supply system, and supporting structure.
M6 sub-system armament controls
M6 component location
M6 armament sub-system ( sheet 1 )
M6 armament sub-system ( sheet 2 )
System - M21 armament sub-system.
Description : The M21 armament sub-system consists of two M 134 7.62mm high rate machine guns, and two 7 tube or 19 tube 2.75 inch aircraft rocket launchers.
Rates of fire : Each, normal : 2,400 shots per minute.
Rates of fire : Each, high : 4,000 shots per minute ( one gun at a time ).
Rates of fire : Both : 4,800 shots per minute
Pylon and gun components
Components of 2.75 inch rocket launcher
2.75 inch rocket launchers
Firing order for 2.75 inch rocket launcher
M21 sub-system components
Bullet trap assembly installed on gun barrels
Reflex sight M60
Sighting station
Intervalometer control panel
System - M22 guided missile armament sub-system.
Description : The M22 sub-system consists of six externally mounted wire guided missiles, missile support and launching equipment, guidance control equipment, and the gunner and pilot tracking and aiming sights.
M22 armament sub-system
M22 guided missile-component location
M22 guided missile, component location of fire control equipment
Missile firing control
M58 sighting station
Gunners sight
System - M23 armament sub-system.
Description : The M23 sub-system is attached to external stores hard point fittings on both sides of the helicopter. The two flexible 7.62mm machine guns M60D are free pointing but limited in traverse, elevation, and depression by cam surfaces and stops on pintles and pintle post assemblies of the two mount assemblies on which the M60D machine guns are mounted.
M23 armament sub-system
M23 mount assembly
M23 mount, left side
M60D 7.62mm machine gun
M60D chute assembly, ammunition box and cover
M60D ejection bag
M60D machine gun position on pintle
M60D ammo box and cover assembly
System - M59 armament sub-system.
Description : The armament sub-system M59 is attached to external stores hard points on each side of the helicopter. A 7.62 millimeter machine gun M60D mounted on its pintle post assembly is mounted on one side of the helicopter. A caliber .50 machine gun XM213 mounted on its pintle post assembly is mounted on the other side. Interchangeable base tube assemblies allow either machine gun with their respective pintle post assemblies, to be installed on either side of the helicopter.
M59 armament sub-system main components
M59 armament system typical .50 caliber
XM213 .50 caliber machine gun
Cradle assembly for .50 caliber
Machine gun adapter kit and controls
Ammunition pad group
System - M56 armament sub-system.
Description : The M56 mine dispersing sub-system is attached to external stores hard-point fittings on both sides of the helicopter and is electrically or manually jettisonable in an emergency. The mine dispenser is designed to provide release of mines from the 40 canisters with application of current through the intervalometer, which is part of the disperser electrical circuit. Total release of mines in all canisters is accomplished within a variable time span between each canister release, which is set by the pilot.
M56 mine dispensing sub-system
M56 dispenser control panel
Support tube fittings
External stores support assembly
Pylon support assembly and pylon assembly
System - M52 smoke generator sub-system.
Description : The smoke generating sub-system basically consists of the oil tank assembly, pump and motor assembly, nozzle ring assembly, operating switch and fog oil level gage. The smoke generating sub-system discharges atomized fog oil into the hot exhaust gases of a helicopter engine. A dense white smoke is formed which settles rapidly to the ground when fog oil is released at altitudes less than 50 feet and air speeds less than 90 knots. The tank capacity is 50 gallons and provides approximately three minutes of smoke generator operation. The length of time the smoke screen will obscure enemy vision depends on wind conditions and the altitude at which smoke is released.
XM52 smoke generator oil pump and motor assembly
Smoke generator nozzle ring and bracket
Smoke generator nozzle ring
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