Here are a whole bunch of pictures we've taken over the years. The recent pictures from Washington and Europe 2000 were taken with our digital camera, and the rest were scanned in. Feel free to write and ask about pictures, or tell me if there's something you'd like to see a picture of. ( There's a few from down under, and a bunch from my 1998 trip to Europe. There are also pictures of Lincoln, and the surrounding areas.


NEW!   New Mexico / Arizona -- Our break from the winter weather in January was spent in New Mexico and Arizona visiting our siblings. Except for one unusual snowstorm, the weather was pretty nice.
Colorado -- We drove out to Colorado for a few days in October, 2000 for some great scenery and interesting butterflies and plants.
Omaha Animals -- Omaha, NE, an hour away, has a great zoo and safari park.
Europe 2000 -- Our trip to France, Germany and England in May 2000
Washington DC -- Our brief trip to Washington DC in March 2000.
Germany -- Where I spent much of my time, but didn't seem to take many pictures!
Austria -- I had two short trips to Austria, once to Vienna and once to Salzburg.
Italy -- And then a few days in Italy in March.
France -- Next was France, where I visited Jeff and we travelled around.
England -- In July '98 we spent a few weeks seeing England.
Scandanavia -- And then I was off to Scandanavia for three weeks alone
Australia -- In 1995 I spent 5 months studying in Melbourne and visiting lots of the country.
Arizona and New Mexico -- Our travels in 1999 were closer to home as we visited our siblings on two separate trips down to the southwest.
Plants -- And then there is Ingrid's ever growing plant collection!
Work and Home Here's some pics of our apartment, Ingrid's knitting, and the old Computer Lab.
Around Lincoln -- For those of you far away, here's some pictures around Lincoln.