John's Home Page

Welcome to my lame (as opposed to really lame) home page.

I have actually put some stuff on here now!!!!!

Here is a list of a few of my favorite things:

Favorite person:

My lovely wife Juel

She's too shy to let me put her picture out here, you'll just have to take my word for it.


Classic rock. 60's and 70's.

Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, and of course, Jimmy Buffett

Cartoon strip:



Favorite cable channel


Favorite University

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

My wife and I are both 1992 graduates. Of course, they couldn't win a national title while I was going to school there....

Favorite Web Pages (other than the ones already listed)

Mitch and Jean's Home Page

She does graphic arts for a living. She is also getting into web page design.

Mitch is a terrible basketball player, average Risk player, and he likes Barry Manilow. Other than the Barry Manilow thing he is a great guy. I am still mad they have a nicer computer than I do.

Personal Portfolio Manager

Great financial site. Updates mutual fund prices, stock prices, etc. daily. You can even create your own portfolio and watch your investments on a daily basis. If only I had money to invest.

TV Tunes

All those TV themes from your youth. Bit of advice: Just buy the Billy Joel Greatest Hits album rather than trying to download the theme from "Bosom Buddies"

Send me mail!!!!

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