These are some of my personal favorites. If you have something you'd like me to link to, please send me an email.


Adobe Online Conversion Tool
American Council of the Blind
American Council of the Blind of Nebraska
Association of Fund Raising Professionals
Audio Webcasts -—Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Boredom Relief - Stimulate your Brain with Puzzles, Games, Magic Tricks and more fun activities -
Classic TV Theme Songs - The Classic TV Database
Coolest Juke Box Ever
Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws: We have weird laws, strange laws, and just plain crazy laws!
Judge Judy
Judge Mathis
Fun Trivia Quizzes - World's Largest Trivia and Quiz Site!
Nebraska Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children
Omaha Association of the Blind
People's Court
Playa Cofi Jukebox - Our Musical Heritage Tests, Tests, Tests and more Tests, The biggest testing center in the world with personality, intelligence, relationship, career and mental
Roberts Rules of Order Online - Parliamentary Procedure & Parliamenttarians
Roman Numeral Converter
Stonkies and friends
The Ultimate Party with Tom Kent
Today In History Archives