No matter your religious beliefs, these links speak to the heart of religious matters on which this country was founded. While some may be humorous in nature, remember that it is always God who created man and He that makes the final decision on all things in life. Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath and remember that God will provide for all that you need. If you know of any nitems for inclusion, send me an email. Additionally, live life to the fullest with no regrets and enjoy everything and anything that life has to give you.

$10 Bibles
Amazing Grace
Bible Story
Billy Graham's Prayer
Blonde in Heaven
Catholics Come Home
Church Bloopers
Catholic Coffee
Catholic Horses
Catholic Names
Deck of Cards
Diamond Rio's "In God We Still Trust"
Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle
God Is Like ...
Grandpa's Hands
How to Become a Munk
Inocence Is Priceless
Just 27 Words ...
Mailing a Bible
Meredith & Abbey
Redneck Lent
Science & Creation
Secret Catholic Stuff
Signs on Church Property
Ten Commandments
Two Catholic Boys
The Seed
Two Little Boys
What the bible Means
You Reap What You Sow