A mailed survey gives you numbers.† Research conducted by Lane Gewecke Consulting is high touch, involving personal connections with your key stakeholders.†


Donít limit your choices to checkboxes on a questionnaire.† Find out why your stakeholders hold a particular viewpoint.


Lane Gewecke Consulting provides detail-rich information so your board and staff can make informed decisions.† Lane Gewecke researches what you need to know through personal one-to-one interviews, telephone interviews and focus groups.†


Examples of how Lane Gewecke has helped previous clients include:

 Information gathering for long-range or strategic planning

 Capital campaign studies

 Feasibility studies for new programs

 Research for potential collaborative partnering

 Assessing consumer reaction to a new product or service

 Evaluating public relations campaigns or development programs

 Collecting stakeholder perceptions of an organization

 Probing opinions on current issues

Information Gathering for Your Decision Making

Qualitative telephone interviews are structured discussions on a specific topic conducted over the phone.

Telephone Interviews

Focus groups are in person, web-based† or video conference group discussions with three to ten participants.†

Focus Groups

Personal interviews are structured, face to face conversations, typically held in the respondentsí homes or offices.

Personal Interviews

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