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Dr. M.T. Mike Resch a.k.a. MTR

bit.ly/32bitVideo01byMTR Track 01 Baptism Song

bit.ly/32bitVideo02byMTR Track 02 Ambient Seashore

bit.ly/32bitVideo03byMTR Track 03 Trinity

bit.ly/32bitVideo04byMTR Track 04 Meditation II

bit.ly/32bitVideo05byMTR Track 05 Communion Song

bit.ly/32bitVideo06byMTR Track 06 Song for Thomas

bit.ly/32bitVideo07byMTR Track 07 All my Trials

bit.ly/32bitVideo08byMTR Track 08 Prayer of St. John Paul the Great

bit.ly/32bitVideo09byMTR Track 09 River of Life

bit.ly/32bitVideo10byMTR Track 10 Morning of the Last Day

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Mission Statement

I am a #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 10:42 to give "a cup of cold water" for free to the least of the brethren for the brethren's sake. My Mission is: First, to get my newest Album, "A Cup of Cold Water - Catholic" posted on iTunes in the Catholic Album section of the iTunes Store. Second, to use the proceeds from selling Downloads of my new Album on iTunes and other Partners to get enough funds to use LegalZoom to create a Nonprofit Entity called MTR, Inc. to support worthy Catholic Causes. Third, to assign the Copyrights to my new Album applied for on 2/9/17 to MTR, Inc. once they are assigned, and to further use MTR, Inc. to Copyright the Melody and Lyrics to the Vocal Tracks on the new Album. Fourth, to continue to use my Twitter Account, MTR (@MikeResch) and my account on Bandcamp to continue to give free Downloads of "A Cup of Cold Water" to the least of the brethren for the brethren's sake. Fifth, to develop a Following on my new Twitter Account, MTR, Inc. (@MTRinc2) to promote my newest Album in order to solicit funding for my new Nonprofit.


"MTR Self Portrait"

This Self Portrait was created with Corel PaintShop Pro X9 (64bit) Image Editing Software. It is from a Photograph I took with my HP 3110 Webcam that I use for Skype. I touched it up a little bit (OK maybe a lot) to take the bags out from under my eyes, and retouched my beard to make it look fuller. Then I created the bi-color effect on my head to symbolize the juxtaposition of half my life consumed with Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with the other half of my life as a Music Minister in the Catholic Church. Then I added a "Frame" to make the picture look "artsy". I use this Self Portrait (without the "Frame") as my Profile Picture on my Twitter Account, MTR @MikeResch. MTR

Old Viking Proverb: "Anything that doesn't Kill you outright Always makes you Stronger"

Optimum use of this Site

The best way to use this site is as a "Tasting Room" for the individual Tracks in either A Cup of Cold Water or Ambient Seashore. The Embedded Player for each Album is connected to my Site on Bandcamp.com. The Sound Files you Listen to on the Embedded Album are MP3 16 bit 44.1 kHz 128 kbits/sec Format which are considered "Low Fidelity" because what you are hearing is being decoded at 128 kbits/sec, plus, MP3s are by nature "Lossy" in the highest and lowest Octaves of sound by virtue of the Algorithm used to convert the format from AIFF to MP3 which makes them sound "thin". This is in Sharp Contrast to the Sound Files I Uploaded to my Bandcamp site, which are Apple AIFF 24 bit PCM signed 48 kHz 2304 kbits/sec which are considered "High Fidelity" and are in fact Superior to the Quality of sound on a CD that you buy in a store because the sound you are listening to is being decoded at 2304 kbits/sec. Another thing you can do at my Bandcamp site is you can Hover the Pointer over each Track of the Album and the words "info" or "lyrics" will appear out of thin air. Clicking on the word brings up either "info" on the Track, or if its a Vocal Track the "lyrics" will appear so you can read along while you play that Track on Bandcamp's site. Bandcamp gives me 200 Free Downloads a month for my Visitors at no cost to me, in the hope that you will Support my Music Ministry in some small way by paying the equivalent of at least $1 per Track. My share of each $1 is about $0.76 that goes directly to my Music Ministry. Another way to support my Music Ministry is by buying some Merchandise, like a "MTR Self Portrait" color T-shirt which runs $12 each for a L or XL size and $13 for an XXL plus $4 shipping and handling plus around 7% sales tax on the shirt and shipping cost. My share of that total purchase price comes to around $3.43 per shirt to cover the cost of my Music Ministry. My cost to operate my Music Ministry is: Internet Access, and the monthly Lease on the Software I use to operate this site. That's it. So although the Music is Free (that's part of my Mission) to Download or just Listen to, I need your Support to keep this Ship from Sinking. MTR

First things First

The best thing to do before you Download an Album or Track from my Bandcamp Site is to first Google "iTunes" for the OS you're using and Download that for free, then you're ready to make "iTunes" your default Music Player and then Download the Album or Track in Apple AIFF 24 bit 48 kHz 2304 kbits/sec Format from my Bandcamp site for Free. Instructions for inserting these files into iTunes is available at bit.ly/MTRsAlbum. "iTunes" has a unique Feature that you can use a different Equalizer for each Track. Personally, I like to use "Flat" on all of the Tracks, so that I'm listening to the Frequency Spectrum I Engineered into each Track with my "Goldwave" audio editing software. On a lot of my Tracks I used a Roland GR-9 Guitar Synthesizer to add a "Stand-up Bass" sampled Sound to the E-A-D strings of my Martin D-28S guitar and if you have a good set of Headphones the Bass will blow you away. I also liked to put in a sampled sound for a "Concert Grand Piano" or "Japanese Strings" on all 6 strings with a sharp attack and exponential decay. You can't hear it on ordinary computer speakers but again, with a good set of Headphones the Sound in the Highest Octaves is Engineered to give maximum "Presence" to the sound of the Guitar and my Voice. I spent a good deal of time Tweaking the Guitar sound so that it would make the Recording stand out in quality. Listen to these songs with High-quality Equipment and Software and you'll be rewarded 100%. MTR

I'm a #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter. Read about, Listen to, or Download https://t.co/7NcuseRecz | Top Catholic Songs. MTR pic.twitter.com/KXpLiynv0B

— MTR (@MikeResch) January 27, 2017

Tweets as Tools

Tweets, especially embedded Tweets, are an effective tool for giving the Public access to specialized information without spending anything on Advertising or Subscriptions. The Tweet above this text is an example of an embedded Tweet that was generated on (1/27/17) using the embedding code available by clicking on the Down Arrow at the Right Side of the Tweet. This embedded Tweet is Live if you're logged in to your personal Twitter Account. You can Reply, Retweet, or Like this Tweet. The Links on the Tweet are also Live, even if you're not logged in to Twitter or don't have a Twitter account. The important Link on this Tweet is the link to my Album on Top Catholic Song's Website bit.ly/MTRsAlbum. It gives the individual Access to an Embedded Album of A Cup of Cold Water, which also gives Access to my Bandcamp site Plus there's information about the Format of the Different Sound Files availabile and instructions for importing Sound Files Downloaded from my Bandcamp site into iTunes. MTR

"MTR's Biography"

Info & Lyrics to "A Cup of Cold Water" by MTR