Greetings in the name of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ!

Thanks for checking our our website.  We pray for God's Word in your life, enabling you to see the reality that He has given through the manger, the cross and the empty tomb!  God is real and the power He works through the Holy Spirit gifts faith into our very hearts.  It is here that God meets us: in His Word, in Baptism and in the Lord's Supper.  It is here that we receive the forgiveness and strength we need - all of this from Him!   Our worship, known as Divine Service (God's Work), is structured around these truths and so we gather around Him, in Peace, in His Word!

Come and receive Him . . . Grow and share Him!

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SUNDAY SCHOOL STARTS SEPTEMBER 8th ... Rally Day!  10:30am


     Divine Service 9:00am
(Lutheran Service Book)
Sunday School (PreK - 8th and runs Sept-May) 10:30am 
     Sunday Adult Bible Class 10:45am

          9:30am Bible Class (Sept-May)... starts September 10th

     5:30pm Supper
     6:00pm Bible Classes & Confirmation (PreK - Adult)
     6:00pm Choir Practice
     7:00pm Worship 

We are a family-focused church of all ages
and we especially encourage parents to teach their children how we receive God's gifts in worship and return to Him thanks & praise!  As needed, we have a Nursery available for the children, as well as Children's Activity Bags and Activity Bulletins.  Electronic hearing assistance is also available for those who need it. 

Our worship service utilizes beautiful Liturgies and Hymns that the Christian Church has passed down for generations.  Here at Peace we are Respectful of Tradition and Mindful of Mission!  May God strengthen us with His Word and Sacraments and may our life be about the Word, the Word, the Word!