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in the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery:

12th & R Sts University of Nebraska-Lincoln: (402) 472-5353
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Several agencies provide funding for the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater. However, those funds combined with the support provided by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and ticket sales are not enough. In order to maintain our high quality programming, it is necessary to secure additional funding from private sources. The Friends of the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater, a fund raising support group organized in 1981, works to facilitate this crucial search for additional money from the private sector.

The Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater Needs Your Support!

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Please join the Friends. The Theater needs your help. Your annual membership is a tax-deductible contribution which goes in support of the Theater exhibition program. If you want to see this program continue, please fill out and print this membership form and mail it, along with your check made out to the Friends of the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater, to the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater; Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery; UN-L; Lincoln, NE 68588-0302.


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Renewal or First-time Member:
New Member Renewal

Phone #:
Student ID #:

Enclosed is my check for:
$30.00 Regular $20.00 Student
$50.00 Family $20.00 Senior
$100.00 Gaffer $150.00 Director's Club
$250.00 Producer's Club $1,000.00 Corporate
$ Other amount

Yes, I would like to have my name added to the Friend's Volunteer list.



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