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If you are here, you probably either know me or you made a wrong turn on the information superhighway. Just in case your directions are off, relax, take a few minutes and I'll tell you a little about myself and give you other places to go and people to see.
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Globe As my page name suggests, I am a judge in north central Nebraska and live in O'Neill with my wife Karen. The other part of my page name is my hobby which is woodworking. I enjoy making furniture and cabinetry and have recently begun making Windsor Chairs.

Dana I grew up in Ralston. After high school I attended Dana College in Blair, graduating in 1973. Dana is a small (enrollment 600) liberal arts college and a really excellent school. It is Lutheran affiliated although it is non-denominational as far as who can attend. Dana has a beautiful campus located on a hill over-looking Blair which is sometimes called the city of trees. The faculty is dedicated and caring.. Take a look at DANA COLLEGE ON THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY. You'll like it!

Huskers After Dana I attended law school at the University of Nebraska. In addition to the law, my years in Lincoln taught me about the important things in life. Life is played on a field of artificial grass 100 yards long and 33 yards wide.... Wait, that's football. But then in Nebraska football is life... only more important. In case you are wondering, I bleed Husker Red. If you do too, then check out this web site for the BIG RED"

Woodsmith As I told you previously, in my spare time I work with wood. It's amazing how therapeutic woodworking can be. Cutting wood can really help you relax after a long day in court. If you are interested in woodworking, Woodsmith magazine is a wonderful publication. You can connect to some really good information on woodworking by clicking on the Woodsmith sign.

By the way, if you want to see what I've been making in my woodworking shop? Click MY WOODWORKING PROJECTS

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mailI read my e-mail whenever I feel like it, which is fairly often. You can contact me at: Woodjudg@inebraska.com

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